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Conspiracy of Kindness: 15th Anniversary Edition

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Your Kindness Can Change the World

God is seeking to enter the heart of every person on this planet. Yet for those who are not gifted evangelists, the task of communicating the gospel can seem daunting. What if there was another way? There is, and it's called the Conspiracy of Kindness. Operating on a simple premise, this exciting form of servant evangelism enables every follower of Christ, from brand-new to mature believer, to become an effective evangelist through unassuming acts of kindness.

In this book, Steve Sjogren offers a proven vision, simple strategy, and real-life stories that show the amazing impact servant evangelism has had throughout the world. Here's how to communicate the love of God more persuasively through actions than with words. Learn how churches, groups, and individuals have used washing windows, cleaning toilets, handing out sodas and more to impact their communities with the life-changing love of Christ. Although a simple premise, the conspiracy of kindness principle affects both those serving and those being served.

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves?

"This classic book leads us into non-threatening love actions that release the power of the gospel to transform lives forever."

--DALE GALLOWAY, Dean, The Beeson International Center, Asbury Theological Seminary

"For many years, Conspiracy of Kindness has been spiritual leaven in the church. Conspiracy of Kindness has worked its way into the heart and life of the American church, stimulating the release of God's grace and love.

Conspiracy of Kindness is more than theory. Conspiracy means "to breathe with" and Steve Sjogren's book has indeed started a conspiracy by assisting the Church to partner with the Spirit to breathe out the love of God into a world that desperately needs to know God's love." - Bert Waggoner, National Director, Vineyard-USA and Senior Pastor, Vineyard Church, Sugar Land, Texas

Now Available

Take your church through a four-week sermon series on the four profound thoughts that follow the flow of the message in Conspiracy of Kindness. The idea of Servant Evangelism is best launched as you teach this sermon series while your people read this book one section at a time.

These messages, composed by Steve Sjogren, have been compiled after training many tens of thousands of people who were previously convinced they were incapable of ever connecting with others who didn't know Jesus.

Week 1: The Simply Profound Power of Kindness
Week 2: It's All About The Process
Week 3: Calling Everyone, Everywhere - Low Risk/High Fun
Week 4: Now Is The Time To Fling Our Seeds

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