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Steve Sjogren leans on his years of experience as a pastor and shares in an excellent, concise way how any church can move from one service to multiple services.

Inside You'll Learn...

  • EIGHT bold statements multiplying to a second service will make
  • WHEN is the best time to multiply
  • Three important things to be AWARE of
  • HOW you can best multiply
  • The PSYCHOLOGY of multiplying services

Sample of the PDF

The most powerful (and perhaps controversial) move your church will ever make is to move from being a non-organized one to being one that states ‘We are a local church!’ At that point, some will wander away from the nomad energy they may have been attracted to, but many more will arrive that are attracted to your long-term vision. The reality is that you need both the pioneer and the settler to plant an effective church. You won’t lose all of those pioneers as you shift from one phase to the other. Some of them will be the lightening rods you need to start new projects and ministries; with your early investment of coaching they may mature from being nomadic to be catalytic. You will need their energy all over again when you face the second most powerful move your church will ever make. That move is to multiply to a second service. In making this move you are making numerous bold statements. 

Life in abundance... is happening. There is so much life of God happening here we cannot contain it in one service! 

Excitement. We are excited to be a part of what God is up to as he moves in the midst of his people. We are led by his prompting to a creative response of leadership and vision. We are local leaders who walk in wisdom and respond to the excitement of the visitation of God. We feed on the exhilaration of watching our efforts lead growing sums of people to know Jesus and become transformed! We are confident, but humble, trusting that God has a special role for us to fill in the community.
God’s presence. We trust in the presence of God among us. We trust in the leadership of the Holy Spirit present in our midst. When we follow his lead, there is never a dull moment. We want to have an ear to hear what he is up to and we will move at his prompting to be involved in his actions. If we follow his lead, we will see his works. It is hard to imagine a scenario of the local church that doesn’t involve crowd control challenges! Church history is filled with such situations. It is always time for the local church’s S.O.S. - ‘Scoot Over Some!’ 


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