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FREE PDF! How To Make Friends With Anyone - FAST!

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"It can be said that all of life comes down to the ability to connect with strangers. The capacity to make friends out of strangers is the mainstay of the challenge of life. Those who have learned to accomplish this have indeed learned something that is helpful beyond words." - Steve Sjogren


If you want to learn how to make friends with just about anyone, then this is what you've been looking for! This quick PDF will give you the tools and encouragement you need to develop new relationships and revitalize old ones.


A Sample of the PDF:


Say “No” To Shyness

You may be a somewhat naturally shy person. That’s okay. There’s plenty of time for you to yet change. For a large percentage of us, our greatest enemy here is the striking out we do on our own. We don’t need an external enemy. We boot ourselves out of the competition more often than not. We are the people who are not all that capable of connecting with others as we see it. But we have defined the opposite of shy as being something that is not realistic. We have come to see “Normal” as something that is entirely off the hook in terms of extroversion. Very few on planet Earth are capable of living entirely as an “E” lifestyle. However, we can all become “Learned Extroverts” as I have become in life.


I have come to realize my ideal state of being is to rest enough in order to be able to discharge my emotional batteries. Batteries are made to be discharged though. To charge them continually is to be out of sync with life’s design. Often introverts are in charge mode with their batteries, rarely to discharge them.


I have come to realize that all of life is best viewed as a long haul picture that needs to be patiently interpreted. When things are taken into consideration from this vantage point life is easily lived. The cup of expenditure is easily downed. To see oneself as an emotional / energy spender only is to paint a too stark picture of the way life is lived. To spend a little, then recharge a little, then back to spending some, that is realism that reflects how life is indeed lived and indeed helpful to the way many of us live.


I hope you will join the ranks of converted introverts with me so we can converge outwardly toward the larger things on the heart and agenda of God.

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