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Changing the World Through Kindness

Changing the World Through Kindness shows how every believer can fight the powers of darkness through the greater power of kindness.

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Servant Evangelism For Scaredycats - 60 Minute DVD

The perfect DVD for newcomers to Servant Evangelism! Viewers will love this 60 minute DVD where Steve Sjogren teaches the basics of Servant Evangelism in a relaxed setting, filmed at a local Starbucks.

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Intro to Servant Evangelism DVD

This 12 minute DVD with music, funny teaching and lots of doing is the perfect way to introduce people to the fun, easy, irresistible yet powerful outreach model called Servant Evangelism.

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101 Ways to Reach Your Community

All the Nuts and Bolts you need to blitz your city and change the world!  Whether it's quick touches, relationship building connections or building  a better future for folks, you'll find it here! Includes What to Say, Top Ten Best and Worst Ideas! 10 book bundle includes USPS Priority Shipping!

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Steve Sjogren has worked with thousands of churches that have been transformed as they put God’s kindness into practice.  Many have discovered that showing God’s love in practical ways is team building, simple and inclusive.

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Case of 25 Conspiracy of Kindness books includes shipping!

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